martes, 14 de mayo de 2013


Day 1: First, we will go to Las Viejas Cochinas and have lunch by the river.

Day 2: Walk around Talca.

Day 3: We will arrive in Paris. Then, we will fly to France and have breakfast near the Eiffel tower.

Next, we will visit Montparnasse cemetery and Jim Morrison's grave.

Day 4: Early flight to London, then ful English breakfast followed by a walk near the Big Ben.

Day 5: Fly back to Santiago.





Talca, París y Londres Tour

A 5 day trip to see these beautiful cities and enjoy the view, the energy and the food these places offer.

Day 1: Departure from Santiago to Concepción. After arriving in this city, we will have lunch at a very typical restaurant. Then, we will drive to Talca to enjoy a beautiful sunset and then we will have dinner at Las Viejas Cochinas, a nice restaurant by the river. We will spend the night at a really nice guest house run by its owner, Miss Coty.

Day 2: We will walk around the city to feel the fog running around the streets. After that, we will back to Concepción to take a plane to Paris, France. This trip takes about 15 hours.

Day 3:   Arriving in París and having breakfast at the hotel. After that, we will walk around the city, then we will visit Montparnasse cemetry (CULTURE). After that, we will have lunch downtonw and we wil visit the Eiffel tower. After that, we will have a massage session to relax (ENLIGHTMENT).In the evening, we will have dinner in Sacre Cour and then back to the hotel.

Day 4: Early flight to England (6 a.m.). Arriving in London and having breakfast (full English breakfast) in a restaurant near Bukckingham Palace. After that, we will walk around the city to feel the energy of this busy place. In the afternoon, we will visit different parks and museums (CULTURE) we will have a snack near the Big Ben. In the evening, we will have dinner at a very famous Indian restaurant and we will go to a bar in Soho, then we will go to a night club for a couple of hours and we must return to the hotel before midnight.

Day 5: Check out and breakfast. After that, direct flight to Santiago.

Budget: US$1.000 per person
Transportation & accomodation are included.
*Breakfast and dinner are included. Extra meals must be paid on the spot.
*You have to bring your own money if you want to buy souvenirs.